How to choose right tiles for your home?

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When deciding on some new tiles for your home it’s important that you do your research.

What you are looking for is not only to find nice looking tiles that will suit your home decoration wise but also practicality and lasting.

Different types of tiles are recommended for different areas in your home not only because of the shapes and coulors. One of the important aspects you need to be familiar with before choosing your tiles is PEI rating.

Whats PEI rating?

The Porcelain Enamel Institute rating, more commonly known as the PEI rating.

PEI rating helps you  determine how much foot traffic the tiles can resist. For example if you have ceramic tiles PEI rated Class 2 – these are best for light foot traffic – slippers or soft soled shoes, best used in second level bathroom areas.

The PEI rating goes from Class 0 – no foot traffic to Class 5 – heavy traffic.

here is a short description on PEI rating and recommended uses :

Class 0 – no traffic – wall tiles only – not to be used on floors.

Class 1 – very light traffic – bare feet – bathrooms, en suits

Class 2 – light traffic – slipper or soft sole shoes – bathrooms, bedrooms

Class 3 – light to moderate traffic – any residential area with exception of some kitchens or hallways if heavy foot traffic is anticipated.

Class 4 – Moderate to heavy traffic – hallways and kitchens, balcony’s, entryways where foot traffic is exceptionally heavy.

Class 5 – high foot traffic – Any areas domestic or commercial subject to heavy traffic.

Most ceramic floor tiles are PEI rated between 3 and 4 and recommended for any domestic floors, porcelain tiles are PEI rated between 3-5 and are suitable for commercial uses.

For most of us porcelain and ceramic tiles look the same but the main difference is that porcelain tiles are more dense and less pours which makes them more hard wearing and suitable  for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ceramic tiles are only recommended to be used on internal walls and floors.

If you still struggling to choose right tiles or need any advice on your tiling projects call ” London Tiling Company on 0207 871 3026″ or visit for free quotation.

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